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I remember how easily UX mistakes were overlooked at the first startup I worked for. It had a drastic effect on the experience user’s had with our product.

That was bad, because it negatively effected things we didn't even realize.

It caused the product to grow slowly, since a new user's first impression was so poor, it stopped them from recommending it to others.

It caused us to lose users at a rapid rate, after 2 or 3 weeks of frustrating experiences, they would leave for a competitor's product.

And ultimately in my opinion, bad user experience is what caused us to fail, because we weren't building something for our users, we were building something for ourselves.

After that, I began exploring what makes users tick. How do you build a product that people actually enjoy using?

This led me to study User Experience Design, and now years later, it has become clear to me that Entrepreneurs need help designing products that can deliver the value they promise in a simple and easy way.

So with these 5 lessons, you'll learn the process for designing a product people will love to use, and love to recommend to others. I'll also teach you how to identify and fix the UX problems your product already has.

I'm Craig Morrison, a Product Designer, UX Professional, and author of this course.

I began designing websites when I was 14 years old. Almost 20 years later, I'm still doing it. After trying to launch 3 of my own products with no success, I began trying to understand what makes a successful product... well... successful.

This led me to understand the importance of positive user experiences.

Now, I teach Entrepreneurs how to create these experiences through my blog, as well as operating my own startup.

Here's what you'll learn in this free course...


It’s Actually This Simple


The Most Important Person You Need to Know


The Worst Way to Build Anything (Like Features)


How to Identify Your Product’s Current UX Problems


How to Understand Your Product’s Current UX Problems

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